Farm to…Landfill?

As I prepared my dinner last night, picking off and throwing away each end of my string beans, I began to think about the journey my food has taken. From their life on a sunny farm, the expedition they took across the country, to the cold refidgeration of my local Market Basket, and alas, into my kitchen.… Continue reading Farm to…Landfill?


To Eat & Eat Well

Recently, National Geographic Magazine published an article by Tracie McMillan on the often unseen faces of hunger in the United States. What does it take to eat and eat well in a struggling economy with dwindling resources for low-income individuals and families, who have few options other than fast food joints and local bodegas that often lack fresh… Continue reading To Eat & Eat Well


Giving Tuesday, a relatively new seasonal event, juxtaposes other trends that follow Thanksgiving. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday (a noble cause indeed), and Cyber Monday tend to dominate the media and our wallets as soon as the food comas subside. This movement, taking place on the Tuesday directly following Thanksgiving, has been developed to detract… Continue reading #GivingTuesday