What does the new administration mean for nonprofit organizations?

The recently inaugurated president has been met with a drastically divided constituency. The fears and hopes of the nation are genuine, run deep, and all deserve to be addressed. It is clear that the affects of the new administration will be felt in every sector. Most nonprofit organizations rely on some amount of government funding to keep their doors open. Several organizations in Lawrence have already felt the affects of state-wide budget cuts approved last month. So, what’s next?

There is some amount of divide within the nonprofit sector about what the new administration’s priorities mean for our work. Some organizations are optimistic that tax cuts promised by the new president will encourage more charitable giving. Others fear that fewer federal dollars will be allocated to the nonprofit sector and that the rhetoric used by the president during his campaign will affect attitudes toward nonprofit organizations who work with marginalized groups, potentially increasing violence and malevolence against these organizations’ populations.

Whatever comes from the new administration’s legislation, it is important to keep organizations that do good work in mind. Those in need still need to be fed, clothed, advocated for, and supported in mind, body, and spirit. Organizations like Bread & Roses rely on the kindness and dedication of our volunteers, individual donors, and charitable foundations to keep us in operation. Despite what may come, we will keep loving and caring for one another. Bread & Roses was founded in the spirit of community and dignity and we will continue to live out our mission. People of every creed, ethnicity, race, nation of origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and political affiliation will always be welcome in our dining rooms.


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